Announcing (belatedly) The 9 O’Clock Resurrection

Screenshot from The 9 O'Clock Resurrection video for Day 1I’ve decided that my podcast The 9pm Edict should be a thing again, and so yesterday morning I launched a Pozible crowdfunding campaign entitled The 9 O’Clock Resurrection to make it happen.

This post is “belatedly” because it’s already more than a day since I launched the campaign, and already people’s commitments are more than a third of the way to the initial target, which is to fund two episodes in May. Thank you.

I’d really like to do the podcast weekly, however, and beyond May. So that’ll mean more funding than the initial target, and more of the supporters to commit to a monthly subscription. It’s much the same model as that used by community broadcasters here in Australia, or public broadcasters in the US, as I said when I spoke about my first Pozible campaign on ABC Radio National’s Media Report.

This new Pozible campaign runs until 29 April. I’ll be making a video each day to report progress. The first is watchable on YouTube, and the rest will appear in the YouTube playlist, and I’ll figure out some other methods tomorrow.

For the audio reports, subscribe to The 9pm Edict in iTunes or via RSS, or subscribe to Skank Media in SoundCloud.

But what about Corrupted Nerds? And the writing?

I do enjoy the writing that I do, but I also enjoy the broadcast-like work of audio and video podcasts and live streaming programs. This project is the first step in doing more of that as part of my media mix.

I thought long and hard about bringing Corrupted Nerds out of hiatus first. That’d be a natural extension of the writing I already do on information security and privacy and data mining and power, right? But it’s also clear to me that I enjoy the cut and thrust and sheer joy of playing with political and social ideas more generally, and one look at my Twitter stream will show you how much of that stuff I’m already generating,

I decided that I would bring back The 9pm Edict first, and then do the same for Corrupted Nerds a few weeks after that. That said, the issues I discuss will overlap a bit.

Further down the track, I’m looking at moving from audio to video. I want to bed down the production process for audio first, because that’s still a primarily solo thing, whereas video really needs another human — as well as a little more gear.

I also want to look at presenting it live, though that will have to wait until I have a more permanent physical location with better internet bandwidth.

I’ll save telling you about some of my other media ideas for another occasion. Unless you ask nicely.