The 9pm Sleepless in Canberra

Screenshot from Tony Abbott press conference, 8 February 2015

Yes, this episode of The 9pm Edict is hitting the internets just one week after the previous one. Crusader Rabbit explains in detail why he should stay on as Prime Minister. Everything seems to be a bit chaotic, and Malcolm Turnbull seems to know why. Ah, such joy!

In this podcast there’s talk of music, chaos, character and the Liberal Party’s problem with women, as well as sex with animals, and philosophy.

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Episode Credits

Photograph of Sussan Ley by Andrew Meares: click to embigge

At right is the photo of health minister Sussan Ley MP that I mention. It’s by Fairfax media photographer Andrew Meares.

Series Credits

Update 14 February 2015: Edited to add deadline for audio comments.

[Photo: Screenshot of Tony Abbott’s morning press conference, 8 February 2015, via ABC TV.]

3 Replies to “The 9pm Sleepless in Canberra”

  1. I think the Charles Cotton story is fake. I took the effort to join the discussion forum mentioned in the story and found his quote on the topic (“2015 Bill Status Report” was the actual post title):

    “Note: This bill is not directly related to firearms or their usage and it is rare to take a position on such a bill. However, the likelihood of a law-abiding Texan being required to use a firearm in self-defense is directly related to the crime rate which is impacted, in large part, by the lack respect for others and lack of discipline children learn during formative years. Behavior problems and violence in schools that use corporal punishment as an option is lower than in major school districts like Houston I.S.D. and Dallas I.S.D. where corporal punishment have been prohibited by their respective school boards. This is F-rated Alma Allen’s latest attempt to neuter schools and teachers ability to control and teach students and this has a direct impact on the crime rate in Texas.”

    I do realize he could have changed his post, but other posts from him seem similarly balanced.

  2. @Jason (the commenter): Now that is interesting. Since mine was a throw-away comment intended as humour — whether it was successful or not is another issue, of course — rather than a news report, I didn’t trace it back.

    I guess that leaves is with three options: The forum post was changed; the forum post was a fake by someone posting in Cotton’s name, or vandalising an existing post, and he repaired it; or the news reports were, to put it neutrally, inaccurate. I wonder which it was.

    I suspect that I’ll move on rather than go down this rabbit hole, but I will at least mention this in the next episode. Thanks.

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