Weekly Wrap 542: Cicadas cyber videos, and crowdfunding

Monday 12 to Sunday 18 October 2020 was a good week. I wrote an interesting article. We made some videos for ZDNet that will appear very soon. And most significantly, I launched a crowdfunding campaign that I hope will help me make it through November and December.

Also, with the spring weather warming up, cicadas have begun to deafen us all in the Blue Mountains. I clocked them at 80dB just outside my door the other day. It’s not so much the overall volume, though, but that fact that it’s an annoying 4 to 4.2kHz or so, and it goes for hours without a break.


The Spring Series 2020 seems to have gone down very well. Thank you for your kind words. But I did it on spec, so with less work for ZDNet these last few months it means my revenue has been a bit below where it need to be.

This would be the perfect time to pledge your support.


Media Appearances, Corporate Largesse



The Week Ahead

It’s week 31 of the Quarantimes at Bunjaree Cottages at Wentworth Falls. It’s also the first week of Senate Estimates, where the federal Budget is dissected, so I’m hoping that’ll produce something of interest.

On Monday I’ll be writing something for ZDNet, and the writing will continue through the week. I’ll also work on the update to my 2019 Carnegie Endowment paper, The Encryption Debate in Australia.

On Wednesday I’ll try to catch the launch of the Lowy Institute’s 2020 Asia Power Index. This research is always interesting.

Wednesday through Friday is also HackerOne’s Security@2020 conference. I’ll try to watch some of the more interesting sessions.

On Thursday there’s something that’ll definitely be of value, a panel titled Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy In-Focus from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Further Ahead

[Photo: The view across Hyde Park and Wooloomooloo to Darlinghurst and Potts Point from Elizabeth Street, Sydney, photographed on 15 October 2020.]