Weekly Wrap 608: As much fun as possible, which isn’t much

My week of Monday 17 to Sunday 23 January 2022 continued to see me ramp up into work mode, what with a podcast, an article, and a whole bunch of other things that I won’t be telling you about. But the pandemic continues, and fun is still recommended against.


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  • I’ve updated my Waratah sequence 2021 for another week, having returned from Sydney mid-week. This takes us up to day 145.

Media Appearances

Videos, Corporate Largesse

None. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel for when new videos appear.


The Week Ahead

[Update 24 January 2022: I’ve edited this section a little to reflect having taken a brain break on Monday morning.]

Tuesday and Thursday will be about the geek-work that I’m being way too tardy in finishing.

Wednesday is the public holiday for Australia Day. I’ll probably watch all the @OzKitsch Coldest 100 videos, their parody of Triple J’s Hottest 100.

I haven’t set the date yet, but the next episode of The 9pm Edict will be with Dr Space Junk aka Dr Alice Gorman and perhaps a colleague about the International Space Station Archaeological Project — the first archaeology to be done somewhere other than Planet Earth.

If you’re a podcast supporter with a TRIGGER WORD or a CONVERSATION TOPIC for that episode, then please get them to me by the end of Wednesday 26 January.

Friday will include some social interaction in Sydney before what I hope will be a pleasant weekend. I hope all weekends will be pleasant.

Further Ahead

I’ve decided to list entertainment events I’m going to, not just work things. This is a desperate attempt to prove to myself that my life is in balance.

[Photo: “Funland is temporarily unavailable”, a sign photographed in Ashfield Mall, Sydney, around a year ago on 17 January 2021 but still apt today.]