The 9pm Poorly Governed Semantic Argument with Justin Warren

Justin Warren
Justin Warren seems unaware of the garden furniture sneaking up behind him. (Photo: Kyle Taylor/ABC News)

Is a cow a thing? Is the ocean a thing? We ponder these and other important questions with Justin Warren, “consultant, freedom of information tragic, hexagon enthusiast, and creator of the CyberRating™ labelling scheme”. He’s also chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia, but I’m sure they’ll disown him.

In this episode we talk about robodebt and ministerial responsibility, cyber weapons, the little-known capital punishment round in the Eurovision Song Contest, Australia’s online safety regime, how privacy is the opposite of transparency, and even a bit about Mastodon.

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Justin Warren has been on the Edict thrice before.

If you’re planning to come to the Public House Forum recording on Saturday 1 April 2023, please let me know so we can plan for numbers.

Careful listeners may notice that the previous episode with Dr Trent Yarwood was labelled 00195 in some places and 00196 in others. For various reasons I’ve made that one 00196 and this one 00195. Yes, that’s out of order, but it required fewer changes.

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