The 9pm Edict’s Spring Bruise LIVE

Image of Reaper audio production toolThe next recording session for The 9pm Edict podcast will be streamed live this Tuesday 6 September 2016 from 2100 AEST via Spreaker.

You can listen right here. The widget immediately below currently shows all the episodes of the Edict uploaded to Spreaker. A “Live” button will appear when the broadcast starts.

You can also use the Spreaker apps (the listening apps, not the studio/production apps) or listen on The 9pm Edict‘s show page.

Tweet along using the hashtag #9pmlive.

A test transmission will start at 2055 AEST, five minutes before the program proper starts at 2100 AEST. Give or take.

This podcast is listener-supported. If you’d like to contribute, please throw a few dollars into the pot.

[Photo: Image of Reaper audio production tool.]