The 9pm Extra: Talking Tech Policy episode 2, “Replumbing Power”

Johanna Weaver
Johanna Weaver, Director of the Tech Policy Design Centre, ANU (Original photo: Supplied)

The Australian government made many changes to the regulation of the online world during 2021. They were the subject earlier this month when I was a guest on the new podcast Talking Tech Policy from the new Tech Policy Design Centre at the Australian National University.

The podcast is hosted by Johanna Weaver, the centre’s Director, who I know from her previous gig as a senior policy adviser an Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Most recently she was Australia’s representative at the United Nations for cybersecurity and critical technology.

“In the second episode of Talking Tech Policy, Johanna is joined in conversation by Melinda Cilento, CEO at CEDA and host of The Economist’s Corner; Stilgherrian, journalist and host of The 9pm Edict; and Dr Emily Van Der Nagel, lecturer in social media at Monash University,” is how they describe this episode.

“Together, the group discuss Johanna’s interview with Minister Fletcher while examining Australia’s approach to tech policy and the strengths and weaknesses of the government’s recent round of regulatory changes.”

That Minister would be Paul Fletcher, the Minister for Communications, Urban Infrastructure, Cities and the Arts, who has has blocked me on Twitter. We have that kind of relationship.

Johanna’s interview formed the podcast’s first episode, and it’s also available on YouTube. It’s about as exciting as you might imagine. Our conversation in this episode is much better.

This episode of Talking Tech Policy was produced by Anna Davies. Tanvi Nair and Amy Denmede provided invaluable research support, and Ben Gowdie production support only an avid podcast listener can provide.

You can contact the Centre via, and it’s on Twitter at @TPDesignCentre.

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And I’ll also add…

I’ve been maintaining a list of Australian cyber-related legislation before parliament, plus current inquiries. It’s currently updated to 16 December 2022, but a few things are emerging in the last week before Christmas. I’ll update it again on 31 December.