Join me at CeBIT in Sydney next week?

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Last year I told CeBIT to FOAD after I’d been underwhelmed in 2007. They said thank you, and issued me with a discount code and a media pass. This year they’ve invited me to participate in a panel at WebForward@CeBIT. That means I can offer two random scroungers deserving readers a cheap ticket.

CeBIT is the big IT trade show thingy running 12 to 14 May, with a bunch of conference streams attached. WebForward@CeBIT is one of them.

On 14 May I’ll be joining my colleagues Laurel Papworth, Kate Carruthers, Nick Hodge, Hugo Ortega (who I don’t think I’ve met) and chairman Jye Smith to discuss how you can “Capitalise on Social Media for Business”.

Because I’m a panellist, I get two tickets to the full 2-day conference at a discounted price of $178 + GST instead of the listed $1295 + GST.

If you’d like one of these discounted tickets, make your case by 9am Sydney time on Wednesday 6 May. Explain why you’re deserving, and I’ll pick the two scams reasons I like.

If you miss out, you can still save $160 off the on-site registration price by using the promotional code stilwebca09. You’ll need to insert the code when prompted during on-line registration at

13 Replies to “Join me at CeBIT in Sydney next week?”

  1. Well my case is simple…. Aunty has such a limited budget at the moment (and by moment I mean since little johnny came into power)… that conferences and travel for them is so low on the agenda.. that well.. I just plain wouldn’t get to go to this… :-(…..

    And to be honest I really would like to go…

  2. I didn’t get any stimulus package, and it’s not as if my employer forks out cash on important things like CeBIT!

  3. OK, I’ll throw my hat in the ring.

    I’ve been to CeBIT a couple of times, as an attendee and an exhibitor, but have been disappointed with the content/experience each time. This year is shaping up to be something quite different, with the whole Web stream taking a much more prominent place, so my interest in the event has been raised again (but not enough to pay THAT much for!).

    I have spoken/interacted with several of the panelists via Twitter, uStream, etc, and would like to have the opportunity to meet them IRL, and with the possibility of me not being drunk!

    I look forward to your acceptance of my nomination and meeting you in person.

  4. And the winners are… Not Lafinboy ‘cos Kate Carruthers selected you for a discount ticket already. So, choosing between the others for reasons which are vague, semi-random and not to be discussed in any way so shut up and deal with it… franksting and Barry Saunders.

    Gentlemen, I’ll email you shortly with the details. Thank you for playing.

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