Stopping the junk mail flood 4

Since my last post on this subject two months ago I’ve seen a substantial drop in advertising material in my letterbox. While I haven’t complained to the perpetrators who continued to ignore the “no advertising material” sign, let’s list them for posterity.

The new guilty parties are: 3 Mangoes Thai; Arthur, a builder; Australia Wide Tax Solutions; Bus Stop Espresso; Caldo Pizza; Domino’s Pizza (yet again, twice); Chadwick Plumbing; Civic Video; Essence of India restaurant; Green Ecovations: Hot’n’Spicy Thai; James Wilson Pest Management; Just Screw It (carpenters!); L J Hooker (the real estate agent, again); Lat-Dior African Eatery; Moon Koon Chinese Restaurant; Notes Live Music Restaurant and Bar; Patrick Coughlan, electrician; Pavarotti Gourmet Pizza; Ray White Real Estate; S & W Building Services; San Remo Pizza; Smiles (a dental clinic); Stanmore Natural Health; Steve’s Budget Gutter Cleaning; Thingk Baby [sic]; Urbane Inner West (another real estate agent); Yoga To Go.

I still want to know why real estate agents figure so prominently. And I still want to know why Domino’s customer service people never reply to their emails.

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  1. If you figure out why the real estate agents hammer you let me know, I’m curious about the same thing myself.

    I want a sign that’ll fit on my letterbox that says “No Junk Mail Unless It’s New Technology Products, Nearby Contemporary Australian Or French Fusion Cuisine, And Seriously, No, Never, None Real Estate Agents.”

  2. @Geordie: That reminds me. The Real Estate Institute of Australia has been emailed twice about this issue, and there was no reply. And this is from their listed email address for public affairs. It really is such a shoddy industry.

  3. Hi there !! I haven’t commented on this in ages, but have been keeping an eye on developments. I have a couple of comments:
    1) In my area, Dominos Pizzas do not put junk in my mail box with a “No Junk Mail” sign on it. I had of course mentioned to the local store that I don’t buy from people who disrespect my wishes in this regard, and I DO pick up their leaflets at the store.
    2) I found it interesting that in the lead up to the recent election the Greens ignore No Junk Mail signs. I would have thought someone with a No Junk Mail sign would be the sort of person they would respect.
    3) I have found American Express are very good at removing you from their mailing list.
    4) I have reversed the charges to call companies that have junk mailed me (even when they have a free call number). The extra effort to p*ss them off seems to make a difference.
    Great Blog – keep it up.

  4. And I have a comment on Real Estate companies:
    I suspect that it is like spam for viagra: if just one person out of the thousands uses their services – it’s paid for the advertising. It’s disrespectful, but economically at least – makes sense.

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