10 Replies to “An important roadside warning”

  1. How long before Plod comes around?
    Was this photo taken with your camera, sir?
    Would you mind showing us the camera’s memory card?


  2. Ah yeah, the amount of times I have forgotten to put my memory card in both my playstation and camera are infinite. I’m glad the powers that be are there to help remind us.

  3. Despite living 1100km from this sign, I drove past it on the 27th of April — it still displayed the same message…!

  4. @MikeFitz: Oh well played, Sir!

    @Shovel: I’m hardly surprised. These signs tend to be put in place and then not checked until they know the batteries will be running low — oh hang on, they’re solar-powered — or they need to be moved to their next job. But something still puzzles me. Surely after setting up one of these you’d check what the sign is actually saying before leaving. So how does it then get into the “Insert Memory Card” state?

    1. @Stilgherrian – I’m guessing at some point between the sign being placed there and you going post it, something’s probably broken inside it and it’s stopped reading the card properly.

      Of course, that’s too sensible an answer for this discussion.

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