5 species of birds: delight!

Another reason to love this village: just walking to the post office, I encounter five different species of birds!

Rainbow lorikeets (noisy and obvious, but still pretty), Australian magpies (confident and my favourite), Australian ravens (with their languid calls), noisy miners (yes, they’re noisy!) and pigeons.

OK, the skyrat pigeons can go. But the rest are just wonderful — even the aggressive miners. And add to that the family of pied currawongs that live nearby and several other species and you have a wonderful community in which to live.

4 Replies to “5 species of birds: delight!”

  1. I’m not sure that “correspondence” is the right word, but yeah I heard it too. It’s still out there — and I’ve no idea what species it is.

  2. There were two of them: one was close on the next door roof and the other was far away. I spotted the one on the roof but couldn’t get a good look. I reckon it (they) will still be around until the end of summer.

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