Cats work in mysterious ways…

… like sitting in high vantage points around ’Pong’s desk while he’s working.

Photograph of Trinn Suwannapha with cats Artemis (left) and Apollo (right) waiting for... something

That’s Artemis on the left and Apollo on the right. Artemis had spent all afternoon asleep on my jacket, near where I was working. Apollo had been sleeping on my other jacket on the office floor. I think they now expect to be fed or something.

One Reply to “Cats work in mysterious ways…”

  1. Someone told me this photo looked pretty poor quality. Yes, I agree. That’s what happens when you use the poor-quality pixels and pimple-like lens of a camera phone in low light, and then use software to boost the levels and enlarge. It’s what came to hand most quickly. Cope.

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