Goodbye, Apollo

I’ve avoided saying this, because there was enough to cope with last month and I was indulging in wishful thinking. But the time has come to say it. Apollo has disappeared. I don’t think he’ll be seen again. Good luck, my feline friend.

When I bumped out of the Enmore house and just before I left for a trip to the US, I took Apollo to stay with Googler Anthony Baxter. Alas, on his first night there, Apollo found a way to escape — no doubt spooked by the strange environment including three other cats. He hasn’t been seen since. The Baxter residence was far enough from the Enmore house to be well outside his territory, so I don’t think he’ll have found his way to familiar ground. If he had done, we’d have heard by now.

Given that Artemis’ life ended only a month beforehand, I was suppressing the emotions of this second loss. No longer. It seems appropriate to be writing this at Tea Tree Cottage while a night-time thunderstorm rages outside, the rain sweeping through the scrub.

[Photo: Apollo, photographed on 16 November 2008.]

7 Replies to “Goodbye, Apollo”

  1. So sorry to hear. Especially after all you when through with Artemis.

    Was he microchiped? He might well me curled up in front of the fire at his new slave’s (read owner’s) house on this rainy eve. That’s how I’d like to look at it anyway.

    We lost one of our cats once – a Chinchilla. Will never know if something happened to him or he was stolen. I like to think the latter and he is still living it up in Launceston somewhere.

  2. @Ross Nye: Yes, he is microchipped — though I suspect the contact details on file are no longer valid. He also has a metal tag on his collar with his name and my mobile phone number — and that is valid. It has been nearly five weeks now. I don’t think I’ll get a call.

  3. Sorry to hear about this… no other words I can express. Hope he did find a new good home, safe and sound…


  4. It was something I prepared to hear when Anthony asked me the first night he went missing. I, too, suppressed my concern to asked him if he was back.

    But now, he is officially missing, it still hurts. I can’t help myself feeling, thinking of him as if…

    Now we have only our own self to take care of, which might be trickier than to have someone with us.

    I hope he finds a nice place to take care of him.

  5. Very sorry to hear about Apollo going missing. There’s still faint hope he might come back, and there’s also hope he might be looked after well.


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