Damaged tail

Since the Weekly Poll was clearly in favour of publishing the “disturbing image”, here’s a photograph of Artemis’ tail injury. Yes, you have to follow the link since some people thought that “appropriate”.

The basic deal is that our beautiful cat was probably hit by a car. She ran, but the car’s tyre caught the hair on her tail and scalped a 20cm section. The photo shows what it looked like after the vet had shaved it back for inspection.

Since then, Artemis “failed to re-gain tail functionality”. The tail has been amputated. So, as I explain to friends, we now have 1.95 cats. Apparently this is quite a common injury for urban cats.

Artemis is coping remarkably well, and it was a neat piece of surgery (thanks Katherine!). The main trauma was that it all happened while ’Pong and I were in Bangkok. Thanks to the Snarky Platypus and my office manager Virginia Bridger for helping out while we were away.

5 Replies to “Damaged tail”

  1. Sorry to hear about your cat. My mother also has a non-congenital manx cat, although as hers also has three legs, it’s even more manx. Hope she heals up well.

  2. Your 1.95 cats is what resulted in the click-through… so if blogging about your cat pulls in the traffic… it’s a winner! My pussy tales (as opposed to your pussy’s tail) also rakes ’em in! Lol — but nothing can match your fisting tweets for drama! Thanks for the laughs… can’t believe we haven’t met because we move in 1 degree of separation through our mutual networks!

  3. @Annalie Killian: Welcome! I’ve found its the simple things which generate the greatest response — not that “generating a response” is my goal. On Twitter, it get the most responses to tweets about food and drink, public transport problems and the idiocy of other people.

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