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“The 9pm One Nation Policy Reading” LIVE

Photo of One Nation's policy flyer, with a microphone in the foregroundSaturday’s recording session of “The 9pm One Nation Policy Reading” will be streamed live from 2000 AEST via Spreaker.

You can listen right here. The widget immediately below currently shows all the episodes of the Edict uploaded to Spreaker. A “Live” button will appear when the broadcast starts.

You can also use the Spreaker apps (the listening apps, not the studio/production apps), or listen on The 9pm Edict’s show page.

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A test transmission will start at 1945 AEST, a quarter of an hour before the program proper starts at 2000 AEST.

[Photo: Part of One Nation’s policy flyer, with a Sennheiser microphone in the foreground.]

Announcing “The 9pm One Nation Policy Reading”

[This literary tour de force will be streamed live from, at Spreaker, and via Spreaker apps.]

Pauline Hanson on Channel Nine's Today, 3 July 2016

On Saturday night, I’m recording and streaming live a special edition of The 9pm Edict podcast the likes of which you’ve never heard before. The voters of Australia are to blame. I need your help to undo some of the damage.

The 9pm Edict cover art version 2, 150 pixels

The results of Australia’s federal election held last Saturday are not yet clear. One of the few certainties, however, is that Queensland’s voters have propelled the red-headed figurehead of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation into the Senate.

Senator Pauline Hanson. Get used to it, Australia.

One Nation’s full policy agenda isn’t just racist and anti-Islamic. Sure, it includes banning the burqa and niquab in public, banning halal certification, and a Royal Commission into Islam, but there’s much more.

How about scrapping all international treaties? Introducing Citizens Initiated Referenda, compensation for wind turbine syndrome, and euthanasia? Re-introducing trade tariffs? The list goes on.

Hanson is assertive. Treating her as just an amusing sideshow would be a mistake. She’ll push her party’s agenda in the Senate, so we’ll need to push back.

We need to understand.

We need to take a closer look.

We need to go inside the mind or Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.


One Nation’s Policies Presented As They Should Be

This Saturday 9 July at 2000 AEST, I will start drinking Queensland’s own Bundaberg Rum and read to you, verbatim, the entire One Nation policy agenda. Every word.

This literary tour de force will be streamed live from, and via Spreaker.

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The 9pm Edict’s Public House Forum LIVE

Screenshot of The 9pm Edict being recordedToday’s recording session of The 9pm Edict’s Public House Forum will now be streamed live from 1400 AEST.

As before, I’ll be using Spreaker, a streaming audio platform.

You’ll be able to listen right here on this web page using the widget immediately below (which shows all the episodes of the Edict uploaded to Spreaker so far). A “Live” button will appear when the broadcast starts.

[Update 5 June 2016: The recording has been done. The Spreaker player currently shows the raw recording. You’ll have to skip in 45 min 45 sec to get to the actual program. This will be replaced with the final edited version later today on Monday.]

You can also use any of the various Spreaker apps (the listening apps, not the studio/production apps), or presumably listen on the The 9pm Edict’s show page at Spreaker.

You’ll be able to tweet along using the Twitter hashtag #9pmlive.

I’ll have some sort of test transmission running from 1345 AEST, so a quarter of an hour before the program proper starts at 1400 AEST.

Announcing “The 9pm Plan to 30 June”

Screenshot of Spreaker Studio appCareful listeners will have heard that I’m hoping to produce The 9pm Edict podcast to a more predictable schedule. That schedule will start on 1 July. Between now and then, there will be three episodes.

  1. A regular episode will appear next weekend, 21-22 May.
  2. The 9pm Edict Public House Forum 3 will be recorded on the afternoon of Saturday 4 June, at a venue to be announced in the next few days. (If you don’t know what that’s about, listen to Public House Forum 1 and Public House Forum 2.
  3. Another regular episode will appear around 20 or 21 June.

While all three episodes will be produced during Australia’s federal election campaign, I’ll try to avoid any me-too election commentary. Wish me luck.

I’ll also be restructuring the funding model for the podcast from 1 July. Combined with the new schedule, I’ll increment the series number from 4 to 5.

You can listen to this announcement below. But if you want all of the episodes, now and in the future, subscribe to the podcast feed, or subscribe automatically in iTunes, or go to SoundCloud or Spreaker.


[Photo: Screenshot of the Spreaker Studio for Desktop app which I’ll be using to live-stream some of my podcast recordings.]