Announcing “The 9pm Plan to 30 June”

Screenshot of Spreaker Studio appCareful listeners will have heard that I’m hoping to produce The 9pm Edict podcast to a more predictable schedule. That schedule will start on 1 July. Between now and then, there will be three episodes.

  1. A regular episode will appear next weekend, 21-22 May.
  2. The 9pm Edict Public House Forum 3 will be recorded on the afternoon of Saturday 4 June, at a venue to be announced in the next few days. (If you don’t know what that’s about, listen to Public House Forum 1 and Public House Forum 2.
  3. Another regular episode will appear around 20 or 21 June.

While all three episodes will be produced during Australia’s federal election campaign, I’ll try to avoid any me-too election commentary. Wish me luck.

I’ll also be restructuring the funding model for the podcast from 1 July. Combined with the new schedule, I’ll increment the series number from 4 to 5.

You can listen to this announcement below. But if you want all of the episodes, now and in the future, subscribe to the podcast feed, or subscribe automatically in iTunes, or go to SoundCloud or Spreaker.

[Photo: Screenshot of the Spreaker Studio for Desktop app which I’ll be using to live-stream some of my podcast recordings.]