ActionAid Australia website launched

ActionAid Australia logo: End poverty. Together.

The new ActionAid Australia website went live some time overnight. So, in this Brave New World of the Internet, that’s what makes the change from Austcare official, eh?

As part of Project TOTO we’ll be inserting a blog or blogs in there somewhere. That’s the next conversation — or at least one of them. How do we include the voices of our Tanzanian friends in there as well as the Australians?

There’s lots of other things to consider too, and I hope to post more later today.

2 Replies to “ActionAid Australia website launched”

  1. Right you are Stil.

    As far as the outside world is concerned, our website was the only thing that changed yesterday to mark the official launch of ActionAid in Australia.

    Oh, and the outside of our building changed last Friday (technically a day too early, but who’s gonna tell?)

    So next up is setting up a blog on our site. Exactly how we go about that is still up for discussion. For example, how many ActionAiders do we have posting to the blog? How often do we need to post in order to make it a useful resource for our supporters? What sort of info do you think would be most useful/interesting?

    Happy to take input from the experts…

  2. @Mark: Well, given that nothing looks like it’ll explode this morning, we’ll be able to start that conversation today. I’m sure that with the website online your own stress levels have subsided a bit too!

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