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February 9th, 2013

Stormracer: Who’ll get to my washing first?

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Happy Transportational New Year

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Mobile, following the aforementioned plan.

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mikeal OH “If you want to complain like a child, then that’s what Hacker News is for.” @izs on the nodejs list.

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Sat plan: Snack in Belmore Park; 1118 train to Wentworth Falls; a little needful shopping; return to @bunjaree; reading; hope for a storm.

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willozap Amount of time spent writing Death of Journalism stories that could have been spent doing actual journalism?

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Sat plan, draft: Return to Wentworth Falls and take my washing off the line before (a chance of) a storm; remainder TBA.

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flamingnora Before the Sex Pistols, mammalian ears didn’t even have cochleas. There was literally no point. To anything.

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Well here we are at Saturday then.

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