Weekly Wrap 507: After the rains the clean-up, and cuttlefish soldiers

The week of Monday 10 to Sunday 16 February 2020 was wet. I lost a day clearing up after the weekend rainstorms, but I still got a couple of things written, and a lot of planning done. And a nice long Sunday lunch.

I didn’t make it to Sydney for the Lowy Institute event, The United States’ interests in the Indo-Pacific, an address by Admiral Philip Davidson, 25th Commander of the United States Indo-Pacific Command. But here’s the podcast.


Media Appearances

Podcasts, Corporate Largesse


The Week Ahead

The week will be spent in Melbourne. I’m flying down on Monday afternoon for the APNIC 49 / APRICOT 2020 conference, which runs Tuesday to Friday, then staying on for the weekend and through to the following Tuesday 25 February.

This event is the next in the series after APNIC 48 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in September 2019. That generated three stories.

Further Ahead

As you can see, I’ve started to add in quite a few public seminars and the like. Eventually I’ll add in some podcasts and such,.

Please let me know if there’s anything I should add. Send airline tickets if it’s outside the Sydney region, yeah?

[Photo: Shredded Rose. The remnants of a heritage rose flower, much damaged by the weekend’s rainstorms, at the Alexandra Hotel, Leura, on 6 February 2020.]