Weekly Wrap 519: Walking past a derelict hotel is a metaphor for something

My week of Monday 4 to Sunday 10 May 2020 saw lots of talking, a little bit of writing, and a birthday party via video conference. That last bit worked better than I expected. Sunday was a far shorter day than most, for some reason.

This was my eighth week of lockdown. Soon it’ll reach 66 days, which is the average time to form or break a habit. This research from 2009 showed that people’s actual times can be as little as 18 days to as much as 254 days, though, so I don’t know what this proves. And NSW is starting to lift some restrictions.


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Corporate Largesse

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The Week Ahead

The isolation continues at Bunjaree Cottages at Wentworth Falls, with Monday being a day of writing. The House of Reps is sitting on Tuesday, and the Senate from Tuesday to Thursday, so all that parliamentary action is bound to provide reasons for more writing.

On Tuesday I’ll drop in to Lowy Institute Live: In conversation with Julie Bishop and Gareth Evans, two of Australia’s former foreign ministers. Should be fun.

There will probably be another His Plague Diary episode of The 9pm Edict at some point.

Further Ahead

The following Monday I’ll drop in to John Martinkus in conversation with Mark Davis, about Davis’ book The Road: Uprising in West Papua.

Beyond that…

[Photo: The Hopetoun Hotel in Surry Hills, Sydney, which has been closed since 2009. It may re-open one day but probably not any time soon — despite this hopeful news story from November 2019. Photographed on 4 May 2020 during Sydney’s COVID-19 lockdown, which is why the streets are empty. I was walking through the suburb on my way to a health-related appointment.]