Weekly Wrap 530: Standing in fear by the half-open COVIDoor

As the weeks drag on, all I feel like saying is that my week of Monday 20 to Sunday 26 July 2020 was much the same as so many others this year. I got a few things done, yet didn’t stray far from home I hope you and yours are doing well in these Quarantimes.

I’m still concerned that NSW has been opening up way too soon. I’m equally concerned that the federal government seems to have decided that everything will be fine in just a few weeks. As I keep saying, I have no relevant expertise here. I just have fears.

At least I got a few more things done this week…



Media Appearances

Corporate Largesse

None. Will we ever have travel or meetings or conferences ever again?


The Week Ahead

This will be week 19 of my Quarantimes. While I continue to be based at Bunjaree Cottages at Wentworth Falls, I’ll make another trip down to Sydney from Thursday to Sunday. It’ll help my mental health, and I actually do have things to do down there.

I’ve also got at least two ZDNet stories in the pipeline, probably three, and I’m determined to record an episode of The 9pm Edict late in the week..

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Further Ahead

This list is starting to look ridiculous, but I’ll leave it here for the lulz.

[Photo: The Chamberlain Hotel aka C Bar in Thaitown, Sydney, photographed on 16 July 2020. I didn’t go there this week, but I will be going there again next week.]