Weekly Wrap 546: Conspiracies, warm weather, and another kind of insect

Summer is certainly approaching, and my week of Monday 9 to Sunday 15 November 2020 reflected that. Warmer weather, more insects, and longer evenings. Those I can live without, but in an odd way they’re helping with the productivity.

Once more the soundtrack to my week was a forest full of cicadas. That’s one in the photo, and they sound like this recording from 2013. Annoying, but the local magpies have been feasting on them so that’s a plus.


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The Week Ahead

It’s week 35 of the Quarantimes at Bunjaree Cottages at Wentworth Falls. While last week was primarily a podcast week, this week will primarily be a writing week.

That said, I still have to record the episode with Upulie Divisekera because we had to reschedule. If all goes well, I’ll have that ready to post on Thursday night. If I haven’t done so beforehand, I’ll also announce the guest for the following week

On Tuesday I might pop in to the US Studies Centre (USSC) discussion, China’s Belt and Road Initiative: A US-Australian assessment.

On Friday I’ll head down to Sydney for some health-related appointments and then stay the weekend.

Update 16 November 2020: Also on Friday, though I think I’ll be on a train, is another USSC discussion, US-China relations under a Biden administration.

Further Ahead

[Photo: A cicada photographed at Bunjaree Cottages on 12 November 2020.]