Weekly Wrap 558: Hosing down a silly idea, starting another Pozible campaign, and more nostalgia

My week of Monday 1 to Sunday 7 February 2021 was exactly as described in the headline, plus some rainy weather — but not as rainy as some previous weeks.

And just like last week, I’ve chosen an international photograph from the Beforetimes because I’m getting nostalgic.



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Media Appearances

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The Week Ahead

Week 47 of my Quarantimes continues at Bunjaree Cottages at Wentworth Falls, and I’m hoping to get a bunch of writing done.

On Tuesday I’ll check out the Launch of the Quad Tech Network (QTN), “an Australian Government initiative to promote regional research and public dialogue on cyber and critical technology issues”.

Friday night is Lunar New Year, although I don’t have any plans at this stage.

Further Ahead

The following week, The 8pm Quiz Series Two kicks off at 8pm AEDT on Thursday evening. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out.

Also in the calendar:

[Photo: A view over San Francisco from 13 February 2017. I’m sure I’ll get to back there one day, whenever the Aftertimes begin. ]