Weekly Wrap 578: A sleepy week before a lockdown

I was very, very tired in the first half of the week of Monday 21 to Sunday 27 June 2021, and a tad depressed. But I also managed to write a bit, and plan a bit, and get some medical appointments out of the way before the Greater Sydney area went into COVID lockdown on Saturday. Oddly enough I’m kinda feeling OK with all that.


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The Week Ahead

Chaos, all is chaos. I’d planned to spend some time in Sydney starting on Thursday, another burst of cat-sitting for friends taking a holiday, but COVID-19 restrictions have wiped that off the calendar. We’re in lockdown for two weeks.

That said, the structure of the week now becomes clear. Monday to Wednesday I’ll be writing as much for ZDNet as I can. Thursday is administrivia for the new financial year and stuff. And on Friday I’ll produce an episode of The 9pm Edict podcast.

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Update 29 June 2021: On Wednesday I’ll also try to catch Electronic Frontiers Australia’s EFA Talks: Stepping Stones to Dystopia, as well as the Lowy Institute discussion, The Communist Party’s big birthday.

This week is also the start of a tweak-the-meds period of a month or more, so there may be significant changes as we go along.

Further Ahead

This is still looking a bit thin, but I’ll address this next week.

[Photo: Hooked! The view from platform six at Sydney’s Central station on the afternoon of 26 June 2021, taken just before I caught a train back to Wentworth Falls and the city went into COVID-19 lockdown.]