Weekly Wrap 590: More nostalgia in the Quarantimes, plus some deep geekery in words

As the Quarantimes continue, it feels like I flip between thinking everything’s mostly fine and a combination of nostalgia and despair. There was certainly nostalgia, especially for my trip to Thailand two years ago, but my week of Monday 13 to Sunday 19 September 2021 was also surprisingly productive.


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Media Appearances

Videos, Corporate Largesse

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The Week Ahead

This will be week 12 of the current COVID-19 lockdown for Greater Sydney. The current theory is that the lockdown will end on Monday 18 October, when the vaccination figures reach a certain target, and possibly a week earlier on 11 October.

Monday and Tuesday will be about getting some geek-for-hire work under way after some delays. That’ll help sort the revenue shortfall for this month.

Update 22 September 2021: I don’t need these medical appointments, so… Wednesday will see a day trip to Sydney for some medical and related matters. En route I’ll try to resurrect keeping a diary — for me not for you — because it’s Dear Diary Day.

On Thursday, which is also the September Equinox, I’ll check out an address and report launch with Senator Penny Wong, Correcting the course: How the Biden administration should compete for influence in the Indo-Pacific, from the United States Study Centre.

At the end of the week I hope to record another special episode of the Edict about Australia’s “plan” to buy or build nuclear submarines.

Further Ahead

[Photo: The intersection of Thanon Intrawarowot and Soi Singharat in Chiang Mai, Thailand, photographed two years ago on 14 September 2019, in the Beforetimes.]