Weekly Wrap 609: A summer week, with few new things, but a lot of interesting recommendations

For much of my week of Monday 24 to Sunday 30 January 2022 it felt like I was battling some minor illness. Not the covid, because I was taking tests, but just some fatigue-causing lurgi. Or it might just be that we’re all just completely over the world right now. So to make up for the lack of productivity there’s a whole bunch of recommendations.


  • I’ve updated my Waratah sequence 2021 for another week. This takes us up to day 152. Progress is currently slow as the two remaining seed pods slowly get fatter and browner.

Media Appearances

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My recommendations have been few in number over the past few weeks, so here’s a big batch to make up for it — and there will be another one next week.

The Week Ahead

You know that geek-work for clients that I keep talking about but never seem to get to? Well, I am definitely going to get some of it done this week. Monday and Tuesday will be dedicated to that. Mostly.

On Wednesday I’m heading down to Sydney, where I’m spending the afternoon with a client kicking off their new project.

Some time this week I’ll be recording the next episode in The 9pm Edict summer series, but things are only pencilled in at this stage.

This may be the planned episode with Dr Space Junk aka Dr Alice Gorman and perhaps a colleague about the International Space Station Archaeological Project — the first archaeology to be done somewhere other than Planet Earth. But it might be something else, depending on people’s availability.

If you’re a podcast supporter with a TRIGGER WORD or a CONVERSATION TOPIC for that episode, then please let me know as soon as possible.

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Further Ahead

[Photo: The clear summer sky of Sydney, photographed from Belmore Park on 28 January 2022.]