Weekly Wrap 684: Podcast ideas, Musk dramas, and memories of breakfasts past

My week of Monday 3 to Sunday 9 July 2023 delivered few public results, but was wonderful on the inside. I didn’t get a podcast done, but I did some solid thinking about the future. Also, I pondered sausages.


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  • Digital developments from Canberra 43. The robodebt royal commission provided the big story to finish the week, but there’s also new guidelines for generative AI in government, drone security concerns, and a bunch more.

I am very conscious that these have been the bulk of my public writing for months now. I do intend to get back to writing other things — especially reportage and commentary — in the not too distant future.

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Media Appearances

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The fight is on between Musk’s Twitter and Zuckerberg’s new Threads. The drama never ends..

In other news:

The Week Ahead

Monday will be a serious day, and mostly a technical one. I’m migrating a client’s company’s email and data storage into Google Workspace, and working on another client’s need for certain automated blog posts.

On Tuesday I’m meeting a co-conspirator up here in the Blue Mountains, at least once I finish a client meeting. It is also both Cow Appreciation Day and National Mojito Day, both of which strike me as relevant.

Wednesday sees me head down to Sydney for various routine medical appointments and some errands. And after that, it’s all the usual work through to the weekend, which is unplanned.

Further Ahead

  • The 9pm Public House Forum 8 livestream and recording, 22 July 2023 at 1pm (TBC). To stay informed you should be on the mailing list, because this date is only tentative at this stage — and to be honest it’s looking unlikely.
  • Aaron Chen’s Chen & Friends, Enmore Theatre, 18 August 2023.
  • NetThing Internet Governance Forum, Brisbane and online, 28 August 2023 (TBC).
  • APNIC 56, Kyoto and online, 12–14 September 2023. I very much doubt that I’ll be going to Japan, but this is always such a good conference (TBC).

[Photo: Some pork and beef sausages and stuff being fried up for breakfast on 4 July 2019. There was a time when my Sunday breakfasts were, shall we say, traditional.]