Weekly Wrap 686: A muddy building site captures the mood for everything

I was sleeping for much of my week of Monday 17 to Sunday 23 July 2023, battling some random lurgi. There’s not much new to report, therefore, so I’ve brought you an old photo of a muddy patch of land. Very excitement.


  • Digital developments from Canberra 45. It’s the midwinter break in Canberra, but the government still found time to stand down robodebt’s main villain, and spend way to much money on IT systems.

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Was it quarterly earnings call time? Because Elon Musk said some things which were even dafter than usual.

In other news:

The Week Ahead

It’s very much a catch-up week for client work. Indeed, I’ll be scoping out a whole new project for one client — although careful readers might note that I said that last week as well.. I’m hoping I won’t be quite so sleepy this week.

Thursday will be this week’s day trip to Sydney. As for the weekend, who knows?

Further Ahead

[Photo: The site of the old freight depot in Lilyfield, Sydney, in the early stages of being converted into a new light rail depot, photographed on 21 July 2016.]