Heath Ledger dead: jokes here please

Photograph of Heath Ledger

Yes, Australian actor Heath Ledger is dead, possibly from a drug overdose. So now it’s time to collect all the jokes, ‘cos he can’t sue you for libel. Please add them in the comments.

Tasteless? Yes. Exploitative? Probably. Too soon for this? Yeah probably that too.

So why do it?

It’s an experiment…

More than a year after the event, a collection of jokes about Steve Irwin’s death is still one of the most heavily-visited pages on this website. More than half of the searches bringing people here are for Corey Worthington Delaney.

Tasteless is what you want, so tasteless is what you’ll get.

We’ll even throw in the phrases “heath ledger porn” and “heath ledger naked” to help things along. Index that, Google!

The comments will be moderated, but not heavily. They may take a while to show up because — oddly enough! — there are other things to do.

[Update: Scroll down to find the comments thingy. Try to spell properly. And if you’re going to whinge that “It’s too soon to make jokes,” then at least suggest how long someone has to be dead before they’re not sacred any more. And try to spell properly.]

[Update 27 January 2008: The two rules about relevance are now being enforced. Comments will not be published if (1) they repeat jokes which have already been posted, unless they’re substantial improvements, or (2) they’re just some anti-gay comment that doesn’t have any relevance.]

[Update 3 January 2009: Comments have now been closed. See my very last comment for the reasons.]

185 Replies to “Heath Ledger dead: jokes here please”

  1. i dont know if you guys follow soccer or not but…

    i think he took arsenals defeat to spurs a little bit hard, i mean 5-1 is bad but no need to top yourself

  2. “What’s the difference between Heath Ledger, Steve Irwin, and Midnight Oil? They’re all Australian, but Midnight Oil’s career is dead. As opposed to Heath and Steve which are actually dead…..crikey.”

  3. Ladies everywhere have finally found out how to pick up heath ledger ….. with a stretcher.

  4. Apparently Heath Ledger recently got in an argument with the wardrobe consultant on the set of his new movie. He was really upset that the body bag was only available in green.

  5. Rumor has it that Heath Ledger will be appearing on Inside the Actors Studio next week via Ouija Board.

  6. Rumor has it that Heath Ledger will be appearing on Inside the Actors Studio next week via Ouija Board

  7. E is reporting that production has began on “The Patriot 2.” Heath Ledger will once again play the role of the dead son.

  8. PRESS RELEASE….. Coming Soon to a theatre near you…. Batman; The Dark Knight Starring Heath Ledger as The Choker.

  9. CNN Breaking News: Natalie holloway has been found. She was found in the drawer above the one that they put heath ledger in…

  10. What does Jack Nicholson’s potryal of the Joker have that Heath Ledger’s doesn’t.

    A chance for a sequel.

  11. Well, boys and girls, let’s review what we have so far. I must say, overall I’m pretty disappointed with the quality here.

    Far, far too many “jokes” could be about anyone who’s died. They’re only “Heath Ledger jokes” because you’ve stuck his name in. I’m looking at you, muppet, Keenan, Peter Blaisdell, Robbie Weed, Jason, Daniel and others. Couldn’t be bothered scrolling back.

    Too many jokes were solely based on Ledger paying a gay character in Brokeback Mountain. That just goes to show how far behind the pace some people are — especially since Ledger himself was straight. Disturbing concerns about your own sexuality, lads, eh?

    I will pay the “cocksucking cowboys” line, though, because it combines the gay angle with the theme of the movie and a possible cause of death. Well done, plummer.

    (smitty, you didn’t check to see if it was there already before you posted, did you?)

    The accounting = ledger connection was also promising.

    So, what now? Are there any new themes, or do we refine the current ones into the definitive tacky Heath Ledger jokes?

    Evidence seems to be emerging that Ledger’s death was an accidental thing, a mix of a medication known for disturbing side effects plus a sedative. Here’s a challenge for you: Link the themes of depression and medication into one giant, convoluted story! Which has to still be funny to people with a mental age above 13.

  12. Heath Ledger was supposedly about to audition for a role on the OC, however he obvisouly preferred the OD

  13. oooh….tough judge. Fair enough. We’ve got to have some rules.

    Whilst I make no promises about quality, (agree, many of my attempts are lame-o but I figured they were a starting point for someone else to build on), they have a valid Heath reference (either his name or his movies).

    (The britney ref wasn’t a joke – it was an observation)

  14. This one needs work, someone help me…

    Got to be an angle around a sleeping pill overdose in New York?

    Something like…

    Who wants to “Wake Up in a City that Never Sleeps?
    Frank Sinatra did. Heath ledger apparently not so much.

  15. Ok, so it was an accident.

    In that case….

    Which script does Heath wish he’d read?

    The one from the chemist.

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