Weekly Wrap 479: Human health improves, computer health declines

My week of Monday 29 July to Sunday 4 August 2019 was week four of being on Health Patrol for my friend, and progress has been good. It also heralded a return to productivity — until that stopped dead.

My MacBook Pro’s screen died on Saturday night, and I’m not sure when it’ll return from being repaired. While the past week is reported accurately here, the plans for next week are highly questionable. But that’s normal, right?

I am also returning to Bunjaree Cottages in the Blue Mountains, after nearly four weeks in Sydney.


Podcasts, Media Appearances


Corporate Largesse

The Week Ahead

A new episode of The 9pm Edict podcast with Nicholas Fryer will be recorded on Thursday and posted on Friday. I know I said that last week, but this time it should actually happen — even if I have to record it on my iPad.

Update 7 August 2019: OK so I’m changing my mind again. I will indeed put the podcast back yet another week because I need some rest this week. I hope you’ll cope.

Update 8 August 2019: Sigh. There’s been another schedule change. Let’s try the week after that, posting on Friday 23 August. I’ll do and solo podcast before then though.

This podcast is supported by the generosity of its listeners. Please subscribe for special benefits or throw a few coins into the tip jar. A contribution to the computer repairs would be especially appreciated this week.

Further Ahead

Here’s what’s planned beyond that. Please let me know if there’s anything I should add. Send airline tickets.

  • Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, Sydney, 19–20 August 2019.
  • I’ll be in Adelaide from 30 August to 2 September, should you need me for anything.
  • APNIC 48, Chiang Mai, 10–12 September 2019. I’ll enter Thailand through Bangkok on Wednesday 4 September, though, and spend a few day there before catching the daytime train up to Chiang Mai on Sunday 8.
  • Australian Cyber Conference 2019, Melbourne, 8–10 October 2019. The excellent Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Conference is now rolled into this event.
  • iapp ANZ Summit 2019, Sydney, 29–30 October 2019 (TBC). That’s the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

[Photo: Anachronism on Platform 5. A man appears to be doing the crossword in a newspaper on platform 5 at Sydney’s Town Hall station on 3 August 2019.]