Weekly Wrap 623: Recovering from the ’rona with a few very large drinks, plus a podcast

Monday 2 to Sunday 8 May 2022 was my post-covid week. I did socialise a little bit, but I also took it relatively easy. I also did this week’s election podcast.


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  • The photos in the Waratah sequence 2021 now span 250 days. For weeks now we’ve just had a variety of photos of two plump green seed pods. I’m now wondering whether the waratah in question isn’t getting enough sunlight for the pods to ripen. I guess we’ll see.

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The Week Ahead

Monday is my birthday. No need to pretend to keep it secret because if anyone really wanted to find it they’d be able to. I’ll probably do something birthday-ish.

I’ll also do a pre-poll vote in the election and give myself a sausage. None of the pubs in Katoomba have bangers’n’mash on the menu, however, and neither does the Katoomba RSL. What is going on here? So I’ll be heading to Springwood to vote and get that sausage into me at the Royal Hotel.

On Monday evening I’ll launch my next now-seasonal crowdfunding campaign, The 9pm Winter Series 2022. Yes, I’m getting it sorted before winter starts, because there’s a roughly 13-day gap between the end of the campaign — currently scheduled for 26 May — and when I actually receive the funds.

On Thursday I’m recording the fifth of my election special podcasts. I’ll also be finalising the production schedule for the rest of May.

On Thursday and Friday I’m also covering the AusCERT 2022 cybersecurity conference, remotely rather than flying up to the Gold Coast. I do miss the travel, obviously, but I have my reasons for staying near home this week.

In between all that there will be more of the SEKRIT geek-work and editorial consulting, and possibly some writing for ZDNet.

Further Ahead

[Photo: A $10 Spicy Margarita, photographed at one of my regular pubs on 5 May 2022.]