The 9pm Garden of Hate

The 9pm Edict recording setup

Planet Earth is dissolving into a replay of the Middle Ages. Crusader Rabbit is off his leash, with more mouth foam than a rabid dog full of dishwashing liquid.

In this podcast, there’s talk of cybercrime, civilisation, sodomy, and probing up the jaxie. Nicholas Fryer ponders the strange days of Australian politics. And there’s just a little too much information about teapots.

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Thank you, Media Freedom Citizenry!

This is the seventh of several episodes produced as part of The 9pm Urgent Hardware Refresh, a crowdfunding campaign to replace a dying computer, and upgrade my audio recording kit. That campaign proved remarkably successful, for which I am extremely grateful. My thanks go to so many people, but for this episode…

The TWO MINUTES HATE were sponsored by MEDIA FREEDOM THOUGHT LEADERS Paul Davis, Peter Sandilands, and two people who wish to remain anonymous. The TONGUE LASHINGS were sponsored by A-GRADE EVANGELISTS FOR MEDIA FREEDOM Trent Yarwood, Tristan Rayner, and oberonsghost. The CASUAL VERBALLINGS were sponsored by B-GRADE EVANGELISTS FOR MEDIA FREEDOM Jason Langenauer, Rashas Moustaches, and David Cake. My sincere thanks also go to the unnamed MEDIA FREEDOM CITIZENS who contributed.

The remaining sponsored content from The 9pm Urgent Hardware Refresh will finally appear in the “2015 Wrap” episode of The 9pm Edict, which will appear between Christmas and New Year.

Thank you also to Network Presence for another generous one-off contribution.

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[Photo: The equipment used to record and broadcast this podcast, 10 December 2015.]