Weekly Wrap 621: Two podcasts in one week and still not pregnant — oh wait yes I am

Monday 18 to Sunday 24 April 2022 was the second of three short weeks thanks to public holidays. I still managed to knock off two podcasts, and continued to catch up on my bookkeeping. However this weekend brought an annoying chesty cold — or so two negative covid RATs would have me believe. But check the updates, because third time’s the charm.

Yeah I know the RATs could be false negatives. But two false negatives in a row would be unusual. I’ll do another one tomorrow and see where we go from there.

Update 25 April 2022: The week has kicked off with a positive RAT after all, after two negatives in a row. Yesterday seems to have been the worst of it, and maybe I’ll write about that in due course. But for now I’m cancelling a bunch of plans for the week.


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The Week Ahead

It’s the third and final short week, once we’ve had the long weekend for Anzac Day on Monday. I’ll actually take the day off. But once that’s out of the way, there’s more of the SEKRIT geek-work and editorial consulting, and possibly some writing for ZDNet.

On Thursday morning I’m heading down to Sydney for a session with a client, and then in the afternoon I’ll record the third of my election special podcasts and post it that night. I’ll probably remain in Sydney for a couple of days, for various porpoises.

On Thursday I’ll be recording the third of my election special podcasts, though it might be a tad shorter this week.

On Saturday night I’ll reveal the answer to the Hill of Dead Pets challenge, at 8pm AEST.

Further Ahead

[Photo: A Sydney Trains Tangara T-Set arrives at Sydney Central station platform 24 on 20 April 2022.]