Nokia Lumia 925 and Windows Phone 8 trial: Day 5

Penrith railway station at dusk: click to embiggenIt’s time to catch up on my Nokia Lumia 925 / Windows Phone 8 trial, skipping over Day 4 to Day 5, Saturday 3 August 2013 — when I finally discovered the proper way to synchronise the phone with my MacBook Pro.

I’d been frustrated by the slow process of using Bluetooth to transfer photos. Nowhere in the “Welcome” booklet that comes with the phone is there even a suggestion that you can plug the phone into a computer, let alone that there exists an official Microsoft Windows Phone for OS X application!

And it works!

Furthermore, if you use Apple’s default workflows for managing your images in iPhoto and your music in iTunes, then that all works too.

OK, so I’m an idiot. Maybe I should have looked, or perhaps browsed Nokia’s support site. But I still think this is something worth mentioning from the beginning — particularly as certain phone configuration options are only available from the management software.

The trial has extended until the end of Tuesday 13 August 2013, because we’re trying to get to the bottom of that Wi-Fi dropout problem and I want to check out some more of the apps, though posts may take longer than that to be published, and there’ll be some follow-ups.

You can follow it live on Twitter, where I’m using the hashtag #LumiaWP8trial.

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[Photo: Penrith railway station at dusk. Download full-sized image (5.6MB).]